A message from Steve Noakes, Chairperson, Binna Burra Lodge Limited.

"Our current generation remains fixed on advancing Arthur's vision and our mission: To be a meaningful connection between nature and heritage"

Over six months ago, a bushfire changed Binna Burra forever. Since that time, I want to thank our remaining small core staff team for the often long hours especially in the first few months after the fire, their multi-tasking extra workloads, their willingness to adapt and change, and their collegiality and respect which has been evident during very trying circumstances.  My thanks extend to my Board colleagues our Company Secretary, CFO, shareholders, local community members, a range of local, state and federal government agencies and various sub-contractors who have all contributed to date.

For Binna Burra as a significant part of Queensland's cultural heritage, be proud of what you, and we all, have achieved thus far. Many times it has not been an easy journey. There have been a few 'roadblocks' (realistically and figuratively) and there will no doubt be a few more bumps along the way as we #BringBackBinnaBurra.

And that's what we will do! #BringBackBinnaBurra !

But, now we have a new challenge -  to consider how fast coronavirus might spread here in Australia and the implications for our current on-site work, the Binna Burra Kitchen @ Headmaster's Cafe, Beechmont and the reopening of services at Binna Burra.

This is what is being reported on ABC news today (Sunday 22 March 2020):

  • Australians told to avoid all non-essential domestic trips
  • Stronger, localised¬†measures will be coming to enforce social distancing rules
  • The Government revealed its second financial package which, combined with that already announced, amount to¬†$189 billion or roughly 10 per cent¬†of the size of the Australian¬†economy
  • Victoria and New South Wales will push for a lockdown of non-essential activities, including businesses
  • South Australia's borders will be closed from 4:00 pm, Tuesday in the 'interest of public health
  • Victoria and New South Wales will push for a full lockdown of non-essential activities, including the closure of businesses, at tonight's National Cabinet meeting.

There is much expert commentary that COVID-19 will get worse before it gets better. Medical experts say it could take 12 to 18 months to have an effective vaccine. Major businesses such as the airlines are planning drastic reductions or close-downs around a six-month horizon. I'm an investor/Director of four ecolodges in Indonesia. Given the lack of resources across Indonesia to meet a major challenge such as COVID-19, we have closed Ecolodges Indonesia down for 9 months.

At Binna Burra, now we have to combine the recovery processes of the post-bush fire challenges and the new era of prevention, preparedness and response to COVID-19.

Such matters remain the focus of the Binna Burra Board, Management and staff.

In conclusion: 

There is a plaque between the Tea-House @ Binna Burra and the national park trailhead. It's dedicated to one of the 1933 founders of Binna Burra, Arthur Groom.

It says: ‚ÄėTo a man who loved and understood the bush and found his happiness sharing it with others‚Äô.

Our current generation remains fixed on advancing Arthur's vision and our mission: To be a meaningful connection between nature and heritage - which includes providing a gateway to the World Heritage Listed Lamington National Park.

And finally, as we all prepare for what looks like an extended period of social distancing, wise words from one of our suppliers of vino -  Witchers Falls Winery -  ('a small, but bold winery')  -  'It's not hoarding if its wine. It's a collection.'

For additional comment, contact: steve@binnaburralodge.com.au

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