Leaving a Lasting Legacy at Binna Burra

At Binna Burra, we cherish the memories and connections that have been forged within our beloved Lodge over nine decades. We understand that our shareholders and stakeholders, who have been a part of this remarkable journey, may be contemplating their legacy and the impact they can make even beyond their lifetime. We would like to gently present an opportunity for you to leave a profound and lasting mark on Binna Burra through your bequeathment.

Your thoughtful decision to bequeath items or property to Binna Burra Lodge or the Binna Burra Foundation can help ensure the preservation and ongoing protection of our treasured cultural landscape for generations to come. We deeply value your support in this endeavour, as it allows us to continue our mission of nurturing a harmonious coexistence between nature and humanity.

By choosing to donate to Binna Burra Lodge – the company that has been the heart and soul of this enchanting place for decades – you contribute to the maintenance, restoration, and enhancement of our facilities, ensuring that future guests can experience the same awe-inspiring beauty and serenity that has captured your heart.

Alternatively, the Binna Burra Foundation focuses specifically on safeguarding and preserving the cultural heritage and ecological integrity of Binna Burra. Your bequest to the Foundation can help fund vital initiatives such as land conservation, environmental research, and educational programmes that foster an enduring connection between people and the land.

We understand that making decisions about your legacy can be deeply personal and reflective. It is our hope that by sharing this option, we empower you to consider Binna Burra as a beneficiary in your will, should you find it aligns with your heartfelt desires. We encourage you to seek professional advice to ensure your intentions are accurately reflected in your estate plans.

Should you choose to include Binna Burra in your bequest, we would be honoured to recognise your generosity and commitment. We invite you to reach out to us for a confidential conversation about your intentions, allowing us to express our gratitude and provide any further information you may require.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Binna Burra story. Your love for this extraordinary place and your thoughtful consideration of a bequeathment is a testament to the deep connection that binds us all.

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