Message from Steve Noakes Binna Burra Chair, Board of Directors

Written by Binna Burra

September 16, 2019



Dear Binna Burra stakeholder,

We are now well into recovery planning stage. THIS IS OUR IMMEDIATE PLAN.

We will adapt the principles underpin all recovery planning and operations as recommended by Queensland Government – Disaster Management: and based on guidelines from the National Institute for Disaster Resilience. That means we have:

(a) understand our context and acknowledged the impact upon all our stakeholders extends beyond the actual site where the devastating fires occurred last weekend – with an initial focus on the safety, well being and transitioning to new employment for our staff and connecting with our future customers who held bookings

b) acknowledged the complexity of our task which has a range of effects and impacts that require a variety of approaches which can leave long-term legacies for sustainable tourism at Binna Burra Lodge inside the World heritage Listed Lamington National Park

(c) adopted a stakeholder engagement that engages our Board, staff, shareholders, the local Beechmont community and the friends of Binna Burra throughout Australia and internationally

(d) we’re ensuring coordination of all activities, kick started this week with the Queensland Government Binna Burra Recovery Taskforce

(e) our communications strategy is two-way – your input and feedback is encouraged, the media statements are consistent via one person – the Chairman

(f) we are advanced in identifying the capacity of individuals and organisations to mobile our PALs (Partners, Alliances and Links) to create innovative new nature based, educational and adventure tourism programs at the new Binna Burra which preserve and enhance the foundations and spirit of our magic part of the Gondwana World Heritage Rainforest of Australia.

All the above continues to be operationalised this week. There will be a range of ways our ‘stakeholders’ can contribute if they wish. These will be promoted on our website and Facebook site as they roll out.

We will welcome your contribution to BRING BACK BINNA BURRA

If you would personally like to assist please donate to: 

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