Activities at Binna Burra

View all scheduled activities by using the button below. Extra specialty activities are often added, these include art workshops, astronomy nights, live music, presentations and more. Check our upcoming events page for more information on scheduled workshops.

Self Guided Activities

Lawn Games at Groom's Cottage

Binna Burra stocks a select amount of lawn games which can be enjoyed on the lawn in front of Groom’s Cottage, a special place which guests have enjoyed for many years. Speak to our friendly front desk team about borrowing games such as Finska and Quoits


(self guided) Binna Burra is home to some of the most beautiful birds in Lamington National Park. We recommend guests to head off early in the morning on any of the trailheads around Binna Burra to get the best opportunities to see and hear our feathered friends. See the reception gift shop for binoculars for sale, and short walk track guides

Bushfire Gallery Feature Video

Visit the Binna Burra Reading Room upstairs of the Groom’s Cottage 7 days a week 9am to 5pm to view the short film which encapsulates the black summer bushfires from 2019 which swept through Binna Burra Lodge and consumed almost all of our Heritage listed buildings and cabins. There are also snapshots and infographic images on display which help to tell this story

Self Guided Short Walks in Lamington National Park

Rainforest Circuit

For a quick introduction to the ‘typical’ warm subtropical rainforest of Lamington, follow the Border Track for 500m from the Binna Burra trailhead, then branch right on to the Rainforest circuit. Wander under the thick, green canopy and listen for the distinctive calls of bowerbirds and catbirds. These are members of the oldest lineage of songbirds.

Tullawallal Circuit

The pocket of Antarctic beech Nothofagus moorei on the summit is the northernmost patch of this species in Australia and is one of our remaining links with the ancient forests of Gondwana. Nothofagus forests that were once widespread across Australia and provided a habitat for many animals that have long since disappeared from our landscape.

Caves Circuit

From the park’s information centre, this interesting walk winds up through open forest, where koalas are often seen, and into rainforest before emerging at the Saddle trailhead on the road near the Binna Burra Mountain Lodge road entrance. White-throated treecreepers, members of one of the oldest groups of songbirds, are frequently seen on this track.

Gwongoorool Track

Start at the Lower picnic area trailhead and descend a series of steep rock steps (approximately 200 in total) to the Coomera River, passing cliffs of volcanic ash (tuff). At the valley floor, follow the Coomera River to picturesque Gwongoorool Pool. The river, along with all of Lamington’s waterways, is important habitat for hylid frogs (tree frog family), freshwater crayfish, eels and eastern water dragons. Return on the same track.

Special Events

Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk

Book your private transfer for the Binna Burra Leg of the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk

This self-guided adventure begins at the Green Mountains section of Lamington, where day one leads you back through to Binna Burra Lodge, passing through towering ancient Antarctic Beech Trees, breathtaking lookouts, and enchanting waterfalls.

Join our private transfer every Saturday at 7.30 am, hosted by Binna Burra Lodge. This service starts at Binna Burra and takes you to the starting point of the Great Walk, allowing you to stroll back to Binna Burra along the 21km Border Track.

For a hassle-free experience, we recommend booking your rainforest campsite, Safari Tent, Tiny House, or Sky Lodge apartment in advance. Drive to Binna Burra, park your car, catch our transfer to the Green Mountains side, and then embark on this remarkable bucket list bushwalk. Your car and belongings will be securely stored at Binna Burra, ready for your check-in later in the day. You can choose to continue to Day 2 of the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk the following day or extend your stay and unwind in nature at Binna Burra Lodge.

If you need information on Day 2 and 3 of the Great Walk, visit the Binna Burra Information Centre or consult our front desk reception team. We provide both physical and downloadable topographic maps to assist you.

Make sure to come prepared for a full day of walking with essentials like food, water, sunscreen, and basic first aid. If needed, additional transfers are available upon request (minimum 3 passengers, $50 per seat). For more details, contact our front desk team at Binna Burra Lodge at 07 5533 3622 or email [email protected]. Enjoy your adventure!

For up-to-date information on walking tracks, track standards and closures visit the Queensland Parks & Forests website for Lamington National Park.

Private Transfers to Binna Burra

Binna Burra uses a private transfer provider, please call reception on (07) 5533 3622 to organise a transfer. Pick ups can be arranged from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Bookings are essential and are on a request basis