Celebrating the Binna Burra CULTURAL LANDSCAPE | on Sunday 4 Dec 2022

Written by Binna Burra


November 22, 2022


From the ashes of the devastating fires in September 2019 a revitalised cultural landscape has risen at Binna Burra, yielding a new book, exhibition, and podcast to be launched on the Binna Burra Cultural Landscape within the World Heritage listed Gondwana Rainforest of Australia – at Woonoongoora (Lamington National Park).

Since the early 20th century, art and science flourished at Binna Burra. For many years the mountain attracted artists, scientists, nature lovers, educators and families who got their hands dirty, worked hard and enjoyed creative activities in this spectacular place.

Now, two dozen creative events linking the arts with nature and science in 2022 echo this early history.

The public is invited to Binna Burra for the launch of the inaugural  Artist-in-Residence exhibition, podcast and book. Each of these are direct outcomes from the 2022 Arts. Nature. Science. Program at Binna Burra.

The event includes:

  1. Performance: Gondwana Echoes by Bloom Collective at 3pm
  2. Artist-in-Residence Exhibition Opening: Gondwanan Biochromes by Renata Buziak
  3. Podcast Launch: Art. Nature. Science. at Binna Burra
  4. Book Launch: Art. Nature. Science. at Binna Burra

‘Over the past two years since the devastation of the bushfires in September 2019 here at Binna Burra we have been focussed on the necessary repair and improvement of our existing hard infrastructure. Those developments continue, but now via the inaugural Arts. Nature. Science. program we’ve also focused on the ‘soft infrastructure’ – those intangible assets that make up the ‘spirit of Binna Burra’ explained Steve Noakes, Chairperson of Binna Burra Lodge.

Please join us for these celebrations at:

Mt Roberts and Pottery Shed at Binna Burra on Sunday, 4 December, 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm. Register here.

  •   Welcome to Country will be undertaken by Uncle Ted Williams
  •   Guest speaker on behalf of Scenic Rim Regional Council will be Cr Virginia West.
  •   M.C. for the event will be local Beechmont resident, Suzanne Noakes well known for her volunteer contributions to rural fire services in the Scenic Rim, Lamington Natural History Association, Binna Burra and various other local community activities

For more information, images, interviews, contact:
Dr Renata Buziak [email protected] 0401664400
Suzanne Noakes [email protected]  0417648278
Leighton Pitcher, Binna Burra Lodge [email protected] 0431303346

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