Binna Burra Scales New Heights

Written by Binna Burra

September 20, 2019

A new era of adventure tourism @ Binna Burra will arrive in 2020 ! – a catalytic experience to expand international access and overnight visit expenditure at Binna Burra Lodge

The Queensland Minister of Tourism, Hon Kate Jones, announced yesterday that  Binna Burra Lodge was successful in being awarded $1.480,600 (GST exclusive) from the ‘Attracting Tourism Fund’ to create Australia’s first commercial VIA FERRATA!

‘VIA FERRATA’ is the Italian word for ‘iron path’. For many centuries in Europe, there have been climbing routes in the Alps and other locations. Most countries use the term VIA FERRATA except in German-speaking regions, which use Klettersteig – “climbing path” (plural Klettersteige).  You can think of VIA FERRATA as the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb but on a cliff face. It will be adrenaline pumping, give spectacular views in a dramatic locations not normally accessible.

‘After the devastating bushfires on Sunday 8 September 2019 that destroyed the heritage buildings core of Binna Burra and damaged our Skylodges and infrastructure, it is wonderful to have some good news this week from the Queensland Government. The State Government has also been incredibly supportive in establishing a Binna Burra Task Force across relevant Departments to assist in our recovery efforts’ said Steve Noakes, Chairman of the Board, Binna Burra Lodge.

‘Since our founding back in 1933, Binna Burra Lodge has always had plenty on offer to get the heart pumping and help people enjoy the great outdoors – from bushwalking, abseiling, flying fox, archery, camping and wild treks. As we recover from the recent bushfire damage, our plan is that by about mid 2020, our new Via Ferrata will add to that great range of activities good for mind, body and soul.’

Steve is also Lecturer in Adventure Tourism at Bond University on the Gold Coast and has already been in discussion with Bond University for a range of student internships, educational and leadership programs associated with Via Ferrata @ Binna Burra.

The idea process for Via Ferrata @ Binna Burra started over five years ago. Since then a small project team led by Binna Burra Board member, Tim Medhurst, has been studying Via Ferratta around the world and inspected first hand Via Ferratas in New Zealand and Scotland.

Tim Medhurst will be the Project Manager for Via Ferrata @ Binna Burra. Originally trained as a Licensed Surveyor, Tim also has Master of Science in Glaciology from Melbourne University, and has led scientific expeditions in the Antarctica. He has been actively involved with Outward Bound Australia for more than 40 years and was Project Director for the development of the Skylodges at Binna Burra.

For further comments:

Steve Noakes [email protected]  Tel 0418774295

Tim Medhurst [email protected]       Tel 0417068682

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