Tips For Your Safari Tent Stay!

Written by Binna Burra


July 1, 2021


A brief guide to help you get the most out of your stay in the Binna Burra Safari tents

Cascading valley views from your breakfast bar and the scent of morning campfires are on the horizon when you book a Binna Burra Safari tent escape. We’ve put together some great information below to help you get the most out of your Safari tent campsite escape in Lamington National Park.

Take the stress out of camping and enjoy a front row seat to cascading valley views amongst rainforest”

Firstly, make sure you bring the right stuff!

Whilst the Binna Burra Safari tents are perfect for a stress free setup, there are still some basic items that you’ll need to bring with you.

  • Cooking utensils to use at the complimentary barbecues
  • An eski and/or sealed container for your food and drink (don’t forget, milk, ice, BBQ packs and other basic items are available for purchase at the Binna Burra Tea House)
  • If you haven’t purchased a linen pack, bring some warm bedding and towels.
  • A torch to get around at night time (also helpful if you go on our spotlighting activity)
  • A USB cable to charge your device (Your Safari tent comes with 2 x USB charging inputs)
  • Walking track maps for the National Park can be downloaded online here, the campsite map can be viewed here

Plan your adventures early!

With so much to see and do at Binna Burra and in Lamington, it is best to plan your schedule early so you don’t miss a thing! Check out some of our favourite things to do below:

To book in or for more information on any of the items above, you can call our friendly reception team on 07 55 333 622, send us a message on Facebook or email us.

Create unforgettable memories

Guests of Binna Burra Lodge continue to share their beautiful memories of their time here in this special place years after they have visited. Make sure to take lots of photos of your adventures up here on top of the world. We love to see your smiling faces out enjoying yourselves here and within Lamington National Park, so make sure you tag us on socials as well! (@binnaburra on FB, IG and Twitter).


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