Our first customer for ‘Binna-Burra Begins’

by | Jul 20, 2020

On a crisp clear winter's morning at the Binna Burra Kitchen, Neil O'Brien became first person to purchase one of the limited edition new books, Binna Burra Begins'.

Neil is the General Manager, Tourism Industry development at Tourism and Events Queensland, and was at the Binna Burra site today to inspect our infrastructure projects jointly funded by the Stae and Federal Governments. He took the opportunity to purchase the just arrived supply of the wonderful limited-edition book researched and prepared by long-term shareholder, Don Marshall. The book provides an overview of history leading to establishing and developing of the Lamington National Park and Binna Burra Lodge up to the beginning of World War II.

All the funds from the sale of the book will go towards archiving, presenting of our history and heritage and a new library for Binna Burra.

You can order online by clicking here

Photo: Enjoying the first copy of 'Binna Burra Begins' are four people actively involved in the reopening of Binna Burra Lodge: Jonathan Fisher book, Neil O'Brien, Steve Noakes and Tim Medhurst.