New Bushfire Gallery at Binna Burra

Written by Binna Burra

August 21, 2020

To commemorate the one year anniversary date of the bushfire destruction which occurred at Binna Burra Lodge on 8 September 2019 a Bushfire Gallery will be opened on Tuesday 8 September 2020.

The official opening will be by the Mayor of Scenic Rim Regional Council, Cr Gregory Christensen.

‘We pleased that the Mayor is able to join us for this opening on the first anniversary of the bushfire impacts on Binna Burra and our community last year’ said Steve Noakes, Chairman of Binna Burra Lodge. 

‘It’s a time when thoughts and feelings about the devastating wildfires are reactivated and many of us may feel emotions more intensely than usual. Our Bushfire Gallery is designed to be part of the healing process as individuals find their own ways of coping with the memories.’

‘Here at Binna Burra, and for many months that followed as the bushfires continued around the Scenic Rim region, the Mayor displayed enormous resilience, character, and leadership when the community needed such a person. For us at Binna Burra, we are thankful for his immediate support at the time of the bushfires and over the past 12 months of our recovery.’ 

The purpose of the Binna Burra Bushfire Gallery is to serve the public by enhancing understanding and reflection of the September 2019 bushfire at Binna Burra.

The Gallery is designed as a mobile facility. For an initial three months, it will be located at the Barn and, subject to other development project activities at Binna Burra, it may be moved to another location either on Binna Burra land or in a suitable local community facility.

The Barn at Binna Burra is one of the remaining heritage buildings which sustained some minor damage during the bushfires last year. The Barn has retained its pre-bushfire gable-roof and a skillion-roofed west verandah which still shows scars from the bushfires last year. Remnant machinery from the 1950s sawmill constructed for cutting firewood to heat water for the Lodge and the flying fox whim is located adjacent to the building and will be part of the Gallery’s internal and external exhibits.

The Gallery will provide access to a collection of images, remains, and information relating to:

1. the unprecedented Australian bushfire season in 2019/2020
2. the impact of the September 2019 bushfires on Binna Burra Lodge
3. the contributions of community volunteers and other groups in the response and recovery stages of a bushfire disaster
4. public awareness of bushfire management and safety
5. providing a link and resource for educational, research, scholarship and publishing activities
6. encouraging, facilitating and acknowledging gifts and donations that enhance the gallery
7. protecting the memories and experiences of the bushfire by continuously improving the security of the collection

The future strategic direction of the Gallery can be summarised as:

a) Collections management: To ensure the preservation of significant objects and archival materials relating to the 2019/2020 bushfire at Binna Burra
b) Exhibition development: Continuously improve gallery displays that are easily accessible by visitors
c) Access: Ensure broad access for all visitors to the Binna Burra side of the Lamington National Park
d) Education & research: Increase engagement by the Binna Burra and Beech Mountain community, nurturing an appreciation of the Binna Burra Cultural Landscape and issues relating to bushfire preparation and management
e) Administration & management: Undertake effective corporate governance and ensure the ongoing sustainability of the Gallery as part of Binna Burra Lodge Ltd

Official opening:

When: 10 am on Tuesday 8 September 2020
Where: The Barn, Binna Burra Lodge, Lamington National Park

Media welcome – please contact:

Steve Noakes

[email protected]

Binna Burra Lodge reopens for business in early September 2020, one year after severe bushfire damage.

Listed on the Queensland Heritage Register, the Binna Burra Cultural Landscape is surrounded by Lamington National Park – part of the World Heritage-listed Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.

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