Binna Burra Bell tolls again!

by | Nov 18, 2019

Photo: Richard Groom and Greg Lahey, representing the two founding families of Binna Burra Lodge, do the heavy lifting and carry the historic bell. The official custodian of the bell, Barry Davies, did the honours to make the bell ring once again.
Binna Burra Bell tolls again!

Beechmont, Queensland, Australia - 18 November 2019:

In the early 1930s when Arthur Groom teamed with engineer and road builder, Romeo Lahey to form Queensland Holiday Resorts Ltd, times were tough and the world was in an international depression.

Their company was like a pioneer crowdfunding enterprise. They offered shares to anyone who was interested. The initial offering attracted only small donations, so to generate more interest Arthur and Romeo organised a month-long holiday camp atop Binna Burra in December 1933. Eventually, on 3 March 1934 Queensland Holiday Resorts Limited, with 97 subscribers and 1880 allotted shares, was incorporated.

Fast-track 86 years, and on 8 September 2019, most of the heritage cabins and buildings that were the core of Binna Burra were destroyed in a fierce bushfire.

On Sunday 17 November, the Annual General Meeting of  Binna Burra Lodge was held at the 80 + year old Providence Farm Hall at Beechmont. With approximately 140 shareholders, observers and staff attending, the meeting was officially opened with the ringing of the historic bell rescued from the ashes of the Binna Burra fire.

"The bell was originally used on the locomotive that transported logs from Pine Creek to Canungra," explained Steve Noakes, Chairman of the Board of Binna Burra Lodge.

"Since 1934 the bell was used at the lodge to call guests to mealtimes. It is a special artefact of Binna Burra and was well-received by all as it signalled the opening of the 2019 Annual General Meeting – especially as it involved Richard and Greg,  the direct descendants of Arthur Groom and Romeo Lahey, along with long term Binna Burra shareholder and former company Director, Barry Davies.’

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 PhotoAfter the fire at Binna Burra Lodge


Photo: Scenic Rim Regional Council Mayor Greg Christensen and Cameron Dick, the Queensland Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning do some heavy lifting to retrieve the historic bell from the ashes of Binna Burra Lodge.