2021 Calendar – Bimblebox, Nature Refugee




The stunning 2021 Bimblebox Calendar each month features a work by a different artist, all part of the long-running and evolving exhibition, Bimblebox 153 Birds, inspired by the birdlife of Bimblebox Nature Refuge.

We thank the artists, exhibition co-ordinator and curator, Jill Sampson, and graphic artist Paula Jayne of Seedhead UX Design Collective for their generosity.

Buy the 2021 Calendar to help save these birds –  174 now identified! – and all the other natural treasures of Bimblebox from being destroyed for a coal mine! 

The Bimblebox Alliance and Youth Verdict are objecting in the QLD Land Court to the mining applications of Clive Palmer’s Waratah Coal. It will be a long battle, and we really need your support.
Thank you!