Come up and see the real world! Come up and see the real world!


What is Nature journaling?

It’s the practice of drawing or writing in response to nature.

Nature Journaling is fun and relaxing, it helps you to connect with nature, and the result is your own unique nature journal.

The practice calms your mind, and increases your attention to detail and appreciation of beauty.


Worried that you can’t draw or write? No problems! Dr. Peeters will introduce you to some simple exercises that will help allay your fears and get those creative juices flowing.

A journal allows you to capture the moment, and be in the moment. Your nature journal can be as artistic or as scientific as you like. It can be entirely objective and factual, or very reflective and personal. Or a combination of all of these things.

Nature journaling can be enjoyed by people of all levels of fitness and mobility, so it’s another way of enjoying the great outdoors when you’re not inclined to climb that mountain. Alternatively, you can take your nature journal with you on the next big hike, and sketch the view from the top!



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